Membunuh atas Nama Tuhan (oleh: Linda Christanty)

Posted in Essay by Linda Christanty on 11/05/2015

Dua bulan sebelum ulang tahunnya yang ke-41, James Foley dieksekusi Islamic State of Iraq and Syria atau ISIS di Raqqa, Suriah. Prosesi eksekusi jurnalis Amerika ini ditayangkan dalam video yang disebarkan di internet oleh ISIS pada 19 Agustus 2014.

Töten im Namen Gottes (von Linda Christanty)

Posted in Essay by Linda Christanty on 10/18/2015

Zwei Monate vor seinem 41. Geburtstag wurde James Foley von Mitgliedern des sogenannten „Islamischen Staates im Irak und Syrien“, kurz ISIS, in Rakka, Syrien, hingerichtet. Die Exe-kution des US-amerikanischen Journalisten wurde auf Video dokumentiert und durch ISIS am 19. August 2014 im Internet verbreitet. 

Steps towards a Solution with Linda Christanty (by Sarita Newson)

Posted in Journalism by Linda Christanty on 08/30/2015

"it is very important to revise history books, not only those that tell the story of the 1965 events. Many other events have been wrongly recorded and are still used as guidelines for students in school, including material about independence and resistance to colonisation in the early 20th century. Some heroes of the independence movement are still accused of having been rebels. If revisions are not made, the next generation will believe these lies."

Porträt der indonesischen Autorin Linda Christanty:"Ich will schreiben, bis ich sterbe" (von Christina Schott)

Posted in Journalism by Linda Christanty on 08/15/2015

Linda Christanty ist eine der anerkanntesten Schriftstellerinnen ihres Landes. Bereits 1989 gewann sie als jüngste Autorin den jährlichen Kurzgeschichtenwettbewerb von "Kompas", der größten indonesischen Tageszeitung. 2013 erhielt sie den renommierten "Southeast Asian Writers Award". Christina Schott hat Christanty in Jakarta getroffen.


Babe (by Linda Christanty)

Posted in Fiction by Linda Christanty on 05/20/2015

Babe, I loved your dark skin. I like black. Perhaps in Durban, the town you mentioned many times and I always wrongly thought it was Johannesburg, you were still sleeping in your bedroom hotel, so tired that you had no time to read these words on your laptop. You were asleep before reading my first sentence about your body, where the soul is hidding. 

Family History is Political History (by Linda Christanty)

Posted in Essay by Linda Christanty on 05/11/2015

Reggie Baay, a Dutch author, did not know his paternal grandmother. It was not because he was born after his grandmother passed away some time before. It was because her history was hidden. 

Charlie Hebdo dan Monumen Kegilaan* (oleh: Linda Christanty)

Posted in Essay by Linda Christanty on 05/02/2015

Nasib imigran, rasisme dan neofasisme di Eropa dalam tragedi Charlie Hebdo.

Mengenang Kartini di Dunia Kontemporer Kita* (oleh: Linda Christanty)

Posted in Essay by Linda Christanty on 04/20/2015

Mengenang Kartini adalah juga mengenang kembali ayah saya, yang dulu memberikan buku kumpulan surat-surat pribadinya Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang, ketika saya masih di sekolah dasar.

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Linda Christanty is an author and journalist. Her writing has been recognized by various awards including the national literary award in Indonesia (Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2004 and 2010), award from the Language Center of the Ministry of National Education (2010 and 2013), and The Best Short Stories version by Kompas daily (1989). Her essay "Militarism and Violence in East Timor" won a Human Rights Award for Best Essay in 1998. She has also written script for plays on conflict, disaster and peace transformation in Aceh. It was performed in the World P.E.N Forum (P.E.N Japan and P.E.N International Forum) in Tokyo, Japan (2008). She received the Southeast Asian writers award, S.E.A Write Award, in 2013.

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